Constitution of BUBT IT CLUB



The name of this organization will be the “BUBT IT CLUB”. The club will operate as a non-profit organization. The student group will comply with all University policies



The Club is organized and will be operated exclusively for educational and scientific purposes in means of:

  1. Promoting an increased knowledge of computer science, Information Technology and its applications.
  2. Promoting a greater interest in computer science, Information Technology and its applications; and
  3. Providing a means of communication between persons having interest in computer science & Information Technology.
  4. To provide social activities and events for the members.



To become a member, one must fill out the membership application form and return it to the secretary of the club.

  1. Full membership is open to all students of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering of BUBT.
  2. Affiliate membership in this Club will be open to all other students of BUBT. Affiliate members will have all the rights of full members except holding president, vice-president, treasurer, secretary and joint secretary position of the Club.
  3. A person is not a member until he or she has paid the current membership fee and has been issued a membership card.



  1. The Vice Chancellor will be the chief patron of the club
  2. The Pro-Vice Chancellor, the Treasurer and the Proctor will be the patrons of the club



  1. The Dean of Faculty of Engineering and Applied Sciences will be the chief advisor of the club
  2. The Chairman of the Dept. of CSE will be the advisor of the club
  3. Other advisors of the club will be nominated by the chief advisor and approved by the chief patron.
  4. To become a advisor of BUBT IT CLUB one must be a regular faculty/staff of BUBT.
  5. At least two third advisors of the club will be appointed from the Dept. of CSE, BUBT
  6. The advisors will be ex-officio members of the Club.



Among the advisors one will be nominated as a coordinator of the club. To become coordinator of the club one must be a regular faculty member of the Dept. of CSE, BUBT.



The club also contains an Executive Committee comprising the following position from students.

Name Persons
President 01
Vice-President 02
Treasurer 01
Secretary 01
Joint Secretary 03
Members 15



The Duties of the President will be:

  1. To call and preside at all general, special, and executive meetings of the Club.

The Duties of the Vice-President will be:

  1. To assume the duties of the President in the event of the President’s absence;
  2. To assume those duties of the President those are delegated to him by the President.

The Duties of the Secretary will be:

  1. To keep minutes of all Club meetings;
  2. To prepare the annual Club report for approval by the executive committee;
  3. To care for all Club correspondence.

The Duties of the Treasurer will be:

  1. To collect dues and maintain all financial and membership records;
  2. To produce a financial or membership statement when requested;



  1. A regular meeting of the Executive Committee will be held once each month during the academic year. A special meeting may be called if need.
  2. A general meeting with all members of the Club will be called at least once in a year.
  3. All members will be notified through a notice or electronic mail at least two days prior to a forthcoming meeting.



  1. A joint account shall be opened to maintain all the financial activities of this club. The joint account would be operated by the signature of chief adviser and one other adviser nominated by executive committee.
  2. The Treasurer shall present to the Club, before the end of each semester, a complete financial statement of the past period, and a tentative budget for the following academic term.
  3. Treasurer will also recommend registration fees and membership fees for each semester.
  4. At primary stage the recommend fees are: Registration fee: Tk: 1, 00/- (One hundred taka only) Membership fee Tk: 2, 00/- (Two hundred taka only) (Per Semester)

The members will need to pay membership fee at the beginning of each semester.



Amendments to the constitution may be proposed by any member of the club. Such proposals will be submitted in writing to the Executive Committee. The amendment may be made by faculty advisor with the consent of the chief patron.